Friday, May 25, 2012

Target trip!

Did anyone else ever used to be embarrassed when they went to Target, like as a kid? Because it was a 'discount' store and kind of not cool to go there? Maybe I was a shallow child but there was once a time when I hated going to Target.

Obviously those days are gone and now I basically consider Target the mother-ship. So many adorable things at affordable prices! (Not to mention you can also snack on fresh buttered popcorn while you shop. Double win.)

I recently went to Target and made out with, what I think, is pretty good loot. I went with the intention of finding a fun watch but I got distracted by this scarf and had to have it!

floral Target scarf

And then I found my watch! I love tortoise- faux of course...

Target tortoise watch

I also got a few pieces of jewelry, some fun clearance earrings and a basic white tee for jeans and flats in the summer.

Clearance jewelry! These were both less than $4/pair.

And of course...I had to hit up the dollar spot on the way out. :)

I love to have note cards/thank you cards on hand. Super cute and $1 for each pack!

Sigh...Oh Target, I promise never to doubt you again. 

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