Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bags, bags, bags!

Okay, almost every woman I know has at least a slight obsession with handbags- myself included. Not only can a bag complete an outfit like no other accessory, but they allow you to carry your life around with you on your shoulder. I myself usually prefer large bags so I afford to jam it full of anything I might need. But I digress...

I love finding the perfect bag- that essential piece that will definitely complete your wardrobe! But I majorly dislike looking at the price tag and realizing that I will never be able to afford it (unless I buy it two years from now on EBay when it's tattered and stained). So what's a fashion-forward girl on a reasonable budget to do? Duh, off-price stores!

I love me some off-price merchandise.

Now I don't mean to brag, but I always have people asking me where I get my bags and the answer is usually Marshall's! Yes it requires a bit more patience than Nordstrom- you have to sift through a few more piles and you might not find your dream bag right away BUT the payoff is so worth it.

I tend to head to the store with a color and general style in mind (chances are you won't find an identical bag to the Marc Jacobs you are drooling over, so if you go expecting to find something too specific, you may end up disappointed). I recently found with these two gems:

Black Fiorelli satchel made in the UK!
Very summer-y white & tan Valentina tote made in Italy (genuine leather)!

I also found my FAVE bag ever from a deal on the Today Show segment called 'Steals and Deals'. The segment runs every other Tuesday and features different luxury items at deep discounts for 24 hours. Full price this bag was $400 but I got it for $80...steal!

Kristen Bell for Erica Anenberg Sutton Tote @ $395.
(I got the grey one- in the upper left corner).
So what have we learned? You don't have to go into debt to get your perfect bag. There are fabulous deals out there! Go find them and show them off proudly. :)

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