Monday, June 11, 2012

Pinterest DIY projects: what works and what doesn't?

I am a DIY addict. I am always 'pinning' fun projects that I want to try! But some of the tutorials for these DIY miracles seem far fetched- and some of them definitely are!

Here's what I've experimented with, what's gone well, and what made me want to rip my hair out...

Cover an art canvas with fabric to create wall art: Winner!

I used this tutorial and it worked great! I went to Joanne Fabrics and found a few fabrics that went with the style of my room. Staple them to a canvas, and viola! Custom wall art.

Paper bag floor: (as my 12-year-old brother-in-law would say...) EPIC fail!

I read just about every online paper bag floor tutorial there was. I went out and bought all of the supplies, prepped my floor, and dug in. I don't know if my floor was too cold (cement floor) but the poly didn't dry for over 3 days and the crumpled pieces of paper never laid flat on the floor so they dried all lumpy. I even went back and tried to re-smooth them multiple times.

I could not figure out what I was doing wrong because every blog told me what I was doing should be working!

I finally gave up and now I have a corner of floor that has a shiny coat of poly and it looks like the floor is just wet. Apparently it's worked for some people, but for me it was a major fail- I think I'll just spring for new floors!

Use spray paint to get color-tipped shoes: Winner!

I used this tutorial found on Pinterest. The only thing I did different was I cleaned the shoes off with rubbing alcohol first (which if you didn't know, works GREAT at getting off dirt and scuffs from patent leather, canvas, etc.). This turned out to work pretty well! I wish I would have chosen a color that wasn't so 'traffic cone' but still...pretty cool!

I'll have to find a way to clean  up the stray spray, but should be easy to do with an exact-o knife or sandpaper.

Make a fun work out tank from an old T-shirt: Worked okay...

I used this tutorial from a blog that I love! It went alright... It's important to find a T-shirt that's the right size. I experimented with ones that were slightly fitted and that didn't work quite right. I also used one that was probably a little too big (a fave old Grateful Dead t-shirt). I'd also recommend trying on the shirt before wrapping the final piece of fabric to connect the back tank straps, so that you can find the ideal placement.

Cut glass bottles to create vases/candle holders: Fail.

I used this tutorial and also watched multiple You Tube videos on this method of cutting class. I got all prepared... lit the string...rotated...plunged into cold water. Nothing. Not even a groove where the flaming string was. I tried on two different bottles too. Disappointed because I wanted to make candles in the cut bottles!

*If anyone has helpful hints on how to perfect any of these projects, please leave suggestions & comments!!!*

What's my next project to attempt? I want to make a headboard from MDF board. :)