Monday, May 28, 2012

Sheer, blousy, lovely

The sheer blouse look is definitely trending right now. I love how it can immediately make you look classy and feel sexy. And there's so many different places you can take it... vampy, professional, fun & flirty, girly...oh, the possibilities!

I recently went on a blouse-binge and bought up a bag full of sheer blouses in a variety of styles from Forever 21:

This one is just barely sheer and has a fun, masculine vibe to it. I love it with jeans and flats or heels- tucked in just like this.

This one is my favorite! It's so flirty and girly. I love the idea of doing a top-knot with it and some chunky jewelry, too. I like to imagine this model is wearing espadrilles.

This one is super trendy and a little edgy!

This one is perfect for work! But please, wear a nude cami underneath. Peak-a-boo's are inaprope for the office.  

This one is also great for the office (under a bright colored cardi!), but I love how they jazzed up the  model here with leather pants and gave her a little edge. This could also be great with colored jeans.

Here's a few more I found that I adore...
Also from Forever 21.

The sheer polka-dot look is so classic. You can do a 60's look like lovely Miss Lively here, or you can update it with a chunky necklace and bangles.

My absolute favorite ways to wear a blouse right now is to pair with either skinny's and heels or wide legs and chunky wedges. Add a clutch and you're set for day or night.

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