Saturday, June 9, 2012

Work it- Look for less!

I'm looking for a new job right now, and I have been searching for the perfect interview outfit. I think the look below is fabulous!

Work it
Get the prices on the original items in this image from

I love shift dresses and jackets, but business professional attire can get pricey! I've scoured the greater Seattle to get this look for less and was able to find similar options for a STEAL of a deal...

Dress- $49.99 at Marshall's
Jacket- borrowed from my sister but I did see some GREAT options at H&M for under $39.99
Bag- $39.99 at Marshall's
Shoes- $19.99 at Ross
Cz Earrings- $24.99 on
Necklace- $6.99 at Forever 21

Tucked my hair back in to a teased bun. Super easy! Essie Marshmallow on my nails.

Bag I already had (from a previous post). Gotta love Marshall's!

Ready to walk out the door!

Overall, the interview went really well. This outfit gave me the confidence to walk in there and 'work it'!!!

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